A couple weeks ago I introduced the next project: “Kids, this is going to be very special: a tile mosaic mural created by the entire fourth grade that will be permanently mounted for display in the front entrance way! Amazing, huh?”

“Uh, sure, Mr. Roth. Whatever you say.”

“Of course, first we have to collect old ceramics, like tiles and mugs and plates. You’ll all remember to ask your parents for donations, right?”

“Is this, like, art homework? Because you never give…”

“And then we’ll have to break it all.”

Suddenly, a glint appears in their eyes. A glint! “Wait, did you say…break, Mr. Roth?”

“Into thousands of tiny pieces. With hammers. Of course, you’ll have to wear safety goggles. In case, you know, sharp shards go flying.”

The students’ jaws drop open. “How do we sign up?!”

“Don’t worry about that. They’ll be plenty to break for everyone. And once that’s done, we’ll finally get to the fun part: the mural design and implementation of the design!”

“Oh, right: the design. Yea.”

Because there’s one thing I know about kids: they love to create.


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