The Hand from the 3rd  Dimension


Drawings are two-dimensional (2-D, or flat). But you probably want most things you draw to look 3-D, like they do in life (people, objects, planets and orange swirl ice pops – Beep’s favorite – all have height, width and depth). Are there tips for making things you draw look three-dimensional? Of course! We’re going to draw hands today, and we’re going to make them look like they’re popping out of the paper! Here are some examples by awesome 3rd graders:

Ready to try one yourself? Step one is to trace your hand lightly with a pencil. (note: there may be a bump where your wedding ring is, haha.)


Step Two, using a marker or crayon or pen, start at the bottom and draw a straight line in the background (you can use a ruler if you want) until you touch the hand outline; then you draw a curved line from one wrist to another; and then straight again in the background. Repeat.


Guess what Step Three is? That’s right, keep repeating, using straight lines for anything in the background and curved lines for the hand. You do not have to use black, as shown. You can use any colors to make any pattern (see Beep’s example at the end).


Tip: You can do all the straight lines first, or all the curved. Sometimes that makes it easier.


Keep going and going and soon:


Pretty cool, huh? Of course, you don’t just have to do your hand. If you have a flipper-style arm, you can make that look 3-D, too!


Beep likes a cool color pattern.


Just remember: straight lines make things look flat, and curved lines make things look round.


Always Be Creative and Have a Blast!

Beep Says Yay to You!


Another lesson soon!

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