Designing the Coolest Shoes Ever


I told Beep our next art lesson is designing the coolest shoes ever, and he said, “Yay! What are shoes?” I gave him a pair to try out, but he and Mini-Beep are still getting the hang of it.


You know what shoes are though. And you probably have your favorite styles and brands. When I was a kid, one of the most popular styles was Chuck Taylor Converse All-Stars. Though they only came in white canvas at first, kids liked them because they could decorate them. Unlike most styles from back then, they’re still popular with kids today!



Did you ever wonder what goes into making a shoe? Like all objects, shoes start with an artistic process: design. A design is a plan that answers questions: what type of shoe? What features? What colors? And most importantly: what will kids think is cool?

To design a shoe of your own, first draw the outline of what type of shoe you want: low top, high top, flip flop, high heel, or any style you want. Here are some templates to copy or trace if you need:












Now it’s time to add details! Personally, I would like treads that walk on water; also a headlight; and a cool logo:


Oh, also magnets; self-tightening laces; G.P.S.; a secret money holder; rocket blasters; and even a nifty self-destruct button on the back! (Wait, self-destruct button? What was I thinking?!)



Then, of course, you can add color:

If your design is really cool, maybe you can start a company and make lots of money! Just remember the most important part: to send me a cut of all your profits!!


Always Be Creative and Have a Blast!

Beep says Yay to You!


Another lesson soon…

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