Your Secret Underground World


Quick, if you could dig straight down underground, name ten things you might find.


I’ll start: soil, clay, water, worms, pipes, rocks, moles, my lost socks (sorry, Beep, I thought you had eaten them), caverns and the Earth’s core (that one starts about 1,800 miles beneath all of us!) But there’s lots more than that! There may even be secret hangouts. Under my school, for instance, they built a bunch of special rooms for teachers to relax (No Students Allowed!). But kids thought that wasn’t fair, so they dug down and started their own side, too! (Is this true?)


Do you want a cool underground hangout? What would it look like? What features would you have?

Start by drawing a horizontal line (across) for the ground:

Next decide what to dig under: your house, apartment building, backyard, school, Egyptian pyramid, Moon base, anything. That goes above the line:

Under the line = under the ground. Start a little realistically, maybe a basement, some pipes. But then hide a secret elevator, or stairs or hatch so you can go deeper.


Have it lead to your own game room, play space, art studio or Olympic size heated pool!

Then start tunneling away! You can add a food court, a movie theater, buried treasure, a disco cave or ANYTHING!



Should you add traps and high security? Probably. Dungeon for your younger siblings? Maybe. Bathrooms? You better! You can also color with crayons, colored pencils, whatever you like.

Want to make it even deeper? I’ve seen students create underground drawings taller than themselves! You can do this too by simply taping more paper at the bottom as you go (hint: put tape on the back). Check out this book, The Street Beneath My Feet. It folds out longer than a table!


This type of drawing is called a cross-section. Cross-sections are very helpful in showing what is inside things, especially big things like buildings, planes, even Star Wars vehicles.


Like your underground design? Excellent! Next up, how to construct it. First you’ll need a shovel


Always Be Creative and Have a Blast!

Beep Says Yay to You!


Another Art Blast soon….

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