Weave Off!


Last week, you learned how to weave on to a cardboard loom. Now, if you wove to the end, it’s time to take your weaving off the loom. Weave on, weave off, weave on, weave off, wax on, wax off (huh?). Have no fear, even Mini-Beep, who’s all tangled up, can do this if he follows the steps!


1. First, a tip: if your weaving is bending in towards the middle, it may because you’re pulling too hard at the end of each row. Pull gently to keep the guitar strings straight.



2. If you get all the way to the end, congratulations! If you look closely though, make sure you don’t see any of the guitar strings poking through. If you do, it means you didn’t smoosh enough. Do that now, and keep weaving!


3. Now you’re at the end! Great job!


4. To take the weaving off the loom, turn to the back and peel off the three pieces of tape.


5. Next grab and pull one of the loose ends of yarn out of the slot. Then pinch the loops and pop them over the tab (teeth as I called them before). They may be a little tight, it’s okay to pull hard and bend the cardboard.



6. Once you’ve popped the loops off, the weaving should pull free from that side. Now pop the loops off from the other end. There’s no tension, so these should be easy to remove.



7. And now it’s off!


8. But wait: a few more tips about how to neaten your weaving. The first thing I like to do is to push (smoosh) the yarn up to the top of the loops so it covers them.


9. You can also tie the little ends from your last piece into a knot if you want, and you can trim the loose ends. However, be very, very careful to NEVER, EVER, EVER cut the loops or the guitar strings inside. Those are holding your weaving together.


10. Good news: the cardboard loom can be reused. If you make another weaving, you can tie the loops from one end to the loops on another to make your weaving longer. Keep going and you’ll make a scarf!


Even with only one, you can wrap it around your wrist and tie it to make a wrist band. Or even a little blanket for your little friends! Super bonus if you keep weaving and make a blanket for you!


Always Be Creative and Have a Blast!

Beep Says Yay to You!

More soon…

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