Make Art with Stuff


True or False: You need expensive art materials to make art? And the answer is: FALSE. False, False, FALSE!

Art doesn’t come from having fancy paints (though fancy paint is nice). Art is born when you put your creative mind (your imagination) to work (effort).

I bet you can create some fun arrangements using ONLY objects you have in or around your home right now. (Important note: As always, safety first! And please get permission before you collect things, and put them back just as you found them!)

Here are some examples that I made. Can you name all the objects? What can you make?





Hey, mini-Beep wants to try the skateboard, too! YES, you can also use stuffed animals, toys, Legos, blocks and so on as part of your artistic arrangements!


Can you also draw as part of your art? OF COURSE! Check out this awesome slideshow that art teacher Kimberly Mueller made of her 3-6th grade students’ found object illustrations:

Finally, what about natural objects, like rocks, shells, sticks and so on? GO FOR IT! One of my favorite artists in the world, Andy Goldsworthy, makes most of his art when he goes outside and is inspired by natural materials to arrange and build ephemeral sculptures (ephemeral means they aren’t meant to last). Here are a few of his artworks:



Pretty amazing, huh? Just remember: You can make art anywhere!

Always Be Creative and Have a Blast!

Beep Says Yay to You!


Another Art Blast soon….

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