Me: Congratulations on your awesome picture book debut! When I first met you, your middle grade novel MUDVILLE had just come out. Since then you’ve also written a chapter book series, more mg novels and even some non-fiction. Did you always want to add a picture book to the mix? How was GRANNY REX (Abrams/Cameron Kids) born?

Kurtis: I really wanted to add a picture book to my list of credits! And I developed more appreciation for the form when I was reading books to my son, really getting the interactive/dramatic element of reading to a child.

But it took me a long time of trial and error. I had dozens of tries. I think the big difference for this one is that it has a full story – a hero we can cheer for, conflict, and a narrative arc. Most of my ideas were premises, not plots. I dive into middle grade novels with little more than a premise, but have some time to find my way to a plot. With picture books you don’t have time for that, there needs to be a really strong concept that is character-centered and build around it. I should add that I’ve written several not-very-good picture book manuscripts since this one, and nothing has really gelled.


Me: I love chickadees, though I see fewer of them at my feeder these days. Why did you pick this bird?

Kurtis: It’s my wife’s favorite bird, so I thought of a chickadee right away. It really works for the book because it’s one of the smallest birds, and because of their call, which becomes a big part of the book. You touch on a sad and serious issue that songbird populations are in decline, but I’ll save that for another blog.

Me: Granny Rex, among other things, “did have feathers.” Can you talk about how our current thinking about dinosaurs may be a little different than when, say, I was a kid?

Kurtis: I think like a lot of people of our generation I learned that birds were evolved from dinosaurs in June, 1993 when I saw Jurassic Parkin the theater. I think it was a pretty recent discovery at the time. At the beginning of the movie Sam Neil is talking about the velociraptor and this truculent child says they were just big chickens. I am not a paleontologist but I do know that therapods, even T Rex, probably had feathers. Birds evolved from a different therapod but they have a common ancestor with T Rex that definitely had feathers; that’s who mama calls Granny Rex.

Me: What, if any, was your involvement with your illustrator Nik Henderson? And what was it like first seeing the illustrations come to light? (They’re very stunning!)

Kurtis: I had very little involvement; I haven’t met him or talked to him and only traded a few greetings after the book was finished. The editor mentioned him from the get go, she knew his work and thought he was a great match for their house style and the book. I had imagined something like the dinosaur scenes in Calvin’s imagination in the comic strip, but I’m not an artist and didn’t have a lot of references to draw from. Nik’s decisions for the book went in a different direction, big and bold. It pops, as they say in the business.

Me: What are you working on now?

Kurtis: I don’t have any other books underway, really. Like I said, I’ve had a few manuscripts since Granny Rex, but none have worked out. I like building stories around animals and science but with a lot of whimsy. I’ve had several trying to make a story out of the fact that dung beetles use stars to navigate; I love that the world’s humblest creature is one of the few besides men that gazes up at the stars. I also feel there’s a story to be told about tortoises because I’m intrigued by their long lifespan. And recently I’ve been wondering what I can do with opossums. I feel that opossums will be the next narwhal as a mini-fad in children’s books. But like I said, a premise isn’t a plot and I haven’t been able to find a strong character like in Granny Rex. To be honest, I don’t really have any middle grade books cooking either. But I’m not retired yet, just taking a needed break (and playing a lot of video games).

Me: I’d like to read the star gazing dung beetle book right now please! Though I’m sure whatever you settle on will be intriguing as always. Thanks so much for joining me!

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