Getting to Know: Leah Henderson

  There are many important journeys in literature. But up until Leah Henderson’s new picture book YOUR VOICE, YOUR VOTE (releasing on Dec. 19 from HarperCollins), I’d never read about a child’s journey to a polling place. It’s an uplifting journey, filled with community and purpose; but also obstacles, which mirror the very real obstacles… Read more »

Getting to Know: Helen Taylor

  Although, as you may have noticed, I set a lot of books in space, I have absolutely no desire to travel beyond Earth’s thin, life sustaining atmosphere. No Mr. Right Stuff here (until maybe they invent transporters, c’mon Scotty). That said, I do love to learn about the brave souls who do make such… Read more »

Getting to Know: Kurtis Scaletta

  Me: Congratulations on your awesome picture book debut! When I first met you, your middle grade novel MUDVILLE had just come out. Since then you’ve also written a chapter book series, more mg novels and even some non-fiction. Did you always want to add a picture book to the mix? How was GRANNY REX… Read more »

Getting to Know: Meg Eden Kuyatt

  When I learned that Meg Eden Kuyatt had written a middle grade novel-in-verse about a girl navigating her neurodivergence in middle school, I knew it was going to be special. And I was right! GOOD DIFFERENT just released from Scholastic and I know it’s going to be beloved by many. I caught up with… Read more »