Holiday Quote of the Week

In Art class today, I had the first graders make decorative five and six-pointed stars. A girl came to me near the end to show me how well she drew Stars of David. “I’m really good at these kind of stars,” the proud six-year-old  said, “and I’m not even British!”

No Stealing This!

I was moments away from having some amazingly profound thoughts about art, literature and education, when I decided to clean instead. And that’s when I had an even more profound inspiration: a cool band name! Not that I’m in a band. Or ever will be. But if I was, I would be sure to call… Read more »

Heeeeeeeere’s Jonny

Actually, I’ve been here the whole time. But due to more than 100,000 spam comments and my lack of knowledge and laziness for dealing with the problem, I haven’t been posting to this site. But my New Year’s resolution last year was to try to deal with the minor tech issues that send me screaming… Read more »

Same Love, the Next Generation

Here’s a hopeful sign that the times they are a’ changin. At at table of four kindergarten boys, I overheard one announce, “I’m going to marry Jason.” The boy across from him said, “You can’t marry Jason. He’s a boy!” Boy 1 said, “Boys can too marry boys!” Boy 2 thought about this for a… Read more »