Hair #2

“Mr. Roth,” a fourth grader said to me today, “What’s it like to be bald?” “Uh, well…” “It must be cool,” he said. I stroked my stylish stubble. “Yes, you think?” “Yeah. You don’t get any lice or bugs.” I wish I was making this stuff up.

Invasion of the Micro Aliens

Vampires, zombies, dystopian societies, and now…tiny aliens? Let’s hope so. My latest work is about a ship of micro-travelers that crash into a boy’s thumb. Not exactly the stuff of popular trends, I know – except that David Wiesner’s newly released picture book, Mr. Wuffles, is also about a stranded ship of small aliens! (plus a cat,… Read more »

Hair Today…

I have a poster by my classroom door that pictures a bunch of famous artists. The other day a third grader in line turned to me and said, “Mr. Roth, you’re like Picasso.” I stroked my chin. “Yes? How so?” “He doesn’t have any hair.” Before I could speak, another student stepped forward to defend me…. Read more »

Funniest Line Ever

I like to write funny kids’ books. I’d even like to publish one someday. But no matter how funny I am, it’s humbling to know that nothing can ever top the humor of this simple line: “Wooshee gaga.” “Wooshee gaga” comes on page 20, paragraph two of Ian Falconer’s brilliant picture book, Olivia and the Missing Toy…. Read more »

New Worlds

Kids are from Mars. And I mean that in a good way. I’ve been teaching art to young students (3-11 years old) for the past fifteen years, and almost every kid rushes enthusiastically into the art room. Is it my ample charm? The well written curriculum objectives? The reason they love art so much, I’ve… Read more »