Download the Rockin’ Rover Activity Kit (pdf)


Download the Beep and Bob Activity Kit (pdf)

Feel free to print and use these drawing tips!


Am I allowed to copy characters I didn’t create?

Yes! I drew every superhero and cartoon character I could when I was growing up. It’s a very common and motivating way of learning how to draw.

Am I allowed to trace?

Of course! Tracing may help you understand how the artist drew a character or scene. But you will eventually learn more when you try to copy without tracing, and copy by observing instead. Being able to carefully look at something and render what you see is a very important skill for most artists.

Can I make up aliens of my own?

Absolutely! Sometimes the most satisfying part of being an artist is creating characters, situations and worlds that only you can imagine. Creating Beep and Bob is one of my favorite accomplishments, and I wish you well on your own creative endeavors!