Getting to Know: Marta Magellan

  One of the joys of having a garden this time of year, especially with lots of native plants, is seeing the all the bees and butterflies attracted to the flowers. If any Monarchs come through, it will be later in the season. In the meantime, I can prepare by reading Marta Magellan’s beautiful new… Read more »

Getting to Know: Mara Rockliff

  As an artist, I’m inspired by other artists. As an art teacher, I’m inspired by other art teachers. After reading Mara Rockliff’s and Melissa Sweet’s new book SIGNS OF HOPE (Abrams Books for Young Readers, April 2024) I became immediately inspired by artist and teacher Sister Corita Kent! I caught up with Mara to… Read more »

Getting to Know: Dave Roman

  One of the many fun things about always attending the Gaithersburg Book Festival has been getting to know perennial guest, Dave Roman (who comes down from NYC!) When I first met Dave, he was working on his cool series ASTRONAUT ACADEMY (hmm, guess I like books about kids going to school in space). But… Read more »